what channel is astros game on today

what channel is astros game on today

Astros Game On Today

Exciting news for all Astros fans! You can watch the game today on the following channels:

  • ESPN
  • Fox Sports
  • NBC

It’s Always ESPN

ESP is always a great choice when looking for an Astros game. The channel provides coverage of games from all teams. You can also catch up on information about team standings, player stats, and more.

Fox Sports for West Coast Fans

If you live on the West Coast, or want to watch the game with Pacific Daylight Time, Fox Sports is the perfect option. They offer excellent coverage of all the baseball games in the area.

NBC Sports for Primetime Games

Can’t find the Astros game on ESPN or Fox Sports? It could be taking place in the middle of a primetime game on NBC Sports. It’s a great choice for catching up on all the latest sports news.

So, what channel is the Astros game on today? All of the above! Tune in for an exciting game that you won’t want to miss.



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