what channel is bills game on

what channel is bills game on

What Channel is the Buffalo Bills Game On?

The Buffalo Bills are a professional NFL team based in Buffalo, New York. This proud franchise dates back to the formation of the American Football League in 1960, and most recently won the AFC Championship in 2020. Fans of the Bills across the globe tune in to root for their team on a regular basis, so you’re sure to want to know what channel the Bills game is on.

Weekly Coverage

The majority of Buffalo Bills’ games are televised live on CBS, Fox, or NBC. Each of these networks will be broadcasting different Bills games throughout the season, depending on where the team is playing.

Subscription-Based TV Coverage

A subscription to a service like DirectTV or DISH Network can greatly increase your channels for watching the Buffalo Bills. On these platforms, you can usually find additional coverage of the Bills and their opponents, as well as pre-game, post-game and other sports programming.

Streaming Coverage

Aside from traditional television networks, there are now several streaming options currently available for NFL games. FuboTV and Sling TV are two of the most popular services for watching the Buffalo Bills. These services carry most if not all of the games throughout the regular season, as well as archived replays of each game.

Radio Coverage

If you prefer listening to the game, Buffalo Bills games are broadcast live on WGR 550, Rochester’s sports leader. The radio coverage includes pre-game, post-game and expert commentary with each play.


No matter where you are in the world, there is a way to stay up to date with the Buffalo Bills. With the variety of options available to watch or listen to their games, you never have to miss another match.

  • CBS
  • Fox
  • NBC
  • DirectTV
  • DISH Network
  • FuboTV
  • Sling TV
  • WGR 550 Radio



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