what channel is browns game on

what channel is browns game on

Watch the Cleveland Browns on TV

Are you a passionate Browns fan ready to cheer on your favorite team from the comfort of your living room? Here’s what you need to know about watching the Cleveland Browns on TV.

General Info

The majority of Cleveland Browns’ home and away games will be broadcast by a number of channels. These include:

  • CBS: All franchises within the American Football Conference (AFC)
  • FOX: All franchises within the National Football Conference (NFC)
  • NBC: Selected prime time games

What Channel is the Browns’ Game on?

The exact channel broadcast of a Browns game will depend on their opponents. If they are playing a team from their division or conference, then you can likely find the game on CBS or FOX. If they are playing a team from the other conference, then you can find them on NBC.

For an up-to-date look through the Browns’ schedule and learn who they are playing each week and on which channel, visit the Cleveland Browns’ website.


If you prefer to stream the game, you can watch the Cleveland Browns live on the NFL’s digital streaming platforms. The exact stream will depend on who the Browns are playing and whether or not is a prime time game. For example, if the game is on NBC then you can watch it at NFL Network, while if it is on FOX then you can watch it on FOX Sports.

If you are a cord cutter and don’t have access to TV coverage, you can watch the Browns on one of the following streaming sites:

  • DirecTV Now: A streaming service that offers live television channels like CBS, NBC, and FOX
  • Sling TV: A streaming service that offers various bundles with live television channels including CBS, NBC, and FOX
  • fuboTV: A streaming service that carries major broadcast stations and cable networks including CBS, NBC, and FOX

So, for a passionate Browns fan, grabbing your snack of choice and tuning in to watch your favorite team is a great way to spend an evening. To make sure that you don’t miss a single play, check out the Cleveland Browns’ website to know what channel the game is on and which streaming service to use.



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