what channel is su game on

what channel is su game on

What Channel Is SU Game On?

As an Syracuse University (SU) fan, you’re likely always wondering: what channel is the SU game on? Fortunately, the answer usually varies by game. Below is an overview of how to find out which channel carries your SU game:

WatchESPN App

The easiest way to find the SU game channel is to use the WatchESPN app. This app allows you to live stream games from the ESPN family of networks. You can easily search for the SU game or sort by conference or network from the app’s home page.

Local Networks

The SU game may also be broadcast on one or more local networks. In some cases, this could include major networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. To find out if your local networks are carrying the SU game, check your local listings.

Radio Stations

You may also be able to find the SU game on a local radio station. Be sure to check your local listings to see if any stations are carrying the game.

WatchESPN Online

If you don’t want to download the WatchESPN app, you can still access the service online. You can either go to the ESPN website or use the WatchESPN app integrated into most streaming services.

Social Media

Finally, you can always stay up-to-date with the SU game by following the official SU social media accounts. This is a great way to stay connected to the team, as well as find out where and when the game is airing.

In conclusion, you can easily find out which channel is airing the SU game by using apps like WatchESPN, checking local listings or listening to radio stations. Additionally, don’t forget to follow the official SU accounts on social media for the latest news and updates.



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