what channel is the 76ers game on

what channel is the 76ers game on

Where to Watch the 76ers

Do you want to watch the 76ers take the court? Here’s everything you need to know to follow along with the Philadelphia 76ers:


If you’re looking to find the 76ers on your television, here are the channels you can tune in:

  • NBC Philadelphia: Hear all the call of the game on NBC Philadelphia, the official station of the 76ers
  • Comcast SportsNet: Comcast SportsNet is the primary broadcast partner of the 76ers, so there’ll often be a game broadcast on the network
  • ABC: ABC is the official broadcast partner of the NBA, so you’ll often find Saturday night primetime games featured on ABC, as well as certain playoff matchups


The 76ers have also made their games digitally accessible – you can catch the games live online:

  • Philadelphia 76ers App: Download the team app to watch live games and other exclusive content
  • NBA.com: Follow the games on NBA.com, which will show live stats and other information as well
  • NBA League Pass: With a League Pass subscription, you’ll get access to live games on all devices, as well as exclusive replays, highlights, and other features

Finding the 76ers game has never been easier. Whether you’re looking to watch in on TV or online, there’s an option for you to catch the game live and follow along with the team.



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