what channel is the georgia game on tonight

what channel is the georgia game on tonight

What Channel Is the Georgia Game On Tonight?

Are you a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs? Are you wondering what channel the Georgia Game is on tonight? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Below we have listed the channels on which you can catch the upcoming Georgia game:


  • ESPN – on most cable networks
  • SEC Network – on select cable networks
  • CBS Sports – on some cable networks


  • Dish Network – channel 404
  • DirecTV – channel 611


  • ESPN+ – streaming service
  • CBS All Access – streaming service

So no matter what type of service you have, you should be able to find the Georgia game tonight. However, be sure to double-check what channel the game is on in case it has been moved. We hope this information helps and that you enjoy the game!



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