what channel is the iu game on

what channel is the iu game on

What Channel is the IU Game On?

For all those sports fans out there, the big question is…what channel is the IU game on? The answer depends on which game, since the Indiana University media network is aired on a variety of different channels.


If the IU game you wish to watch is a part of the Big 10 Network, it will be broadcast on ESPN. You can check the Big 10 schedule here to see which games are a part of the ESPN deal.

Big Ten Network

Many IU games are also broadcast on the official Big Ten Network. This covers the majority of home games and includes the Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament. To watch the Big Ten Network, you’ll need to check which providers are carrying the channel and make sure to select the right package of channels. In most cases, it is available as part of a larger package including other college sports networks.

Regional Sports

On top of ESPN and the Big Ten Network, you can also find IU games broadcast on regional sports networks such as Fox Sports Midwest, Sports Time Ohio and other regional networks. Often times for regional broadcasts, you’ll need to make sure your location is within the range of the broadcast by looking on the Fox Sports page.

Tips and Tricks

When looking to watch an IU game, be sure to check all of the broadcasters that have coverage of the Big 10. Some of the most reliable broadcasters you can depend on are ESPN and the Big Ten Network, but check the respective schedules carefully to make sure you don’t miss the game you are looking for.

The Classics

If you’re a true IU fan, you’ll want to take the time to relive some of the classics. Check on YouTube for any uploads of IU’s trophy wins, or even better, the full games to relive the nail-biting moments of some great matches.


For any die-hard sports fan, watching an IU game can be an exciting and thrilling experience! With all of the different broadcast options available, you’ll be sure to find the game you’re looking for in no time. And when you’re done, be sure to check out the classics – you won’t be disappointed.



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