what channel is the laker game on

what channel is the laker game on

What Channel is the Laker Game on?

If you are looking to watch the Los Angeles Lakers play basketball, there are several different channels that you can tune in to. The Laker games are broadcast nationally, so chances are you can catch the game on major networks in your area. This article will provide more details on where to watch the Laker game.

Television Networks

The Lakers are part of the NBA and their games can be seen on some of the top basketball networks in the United States. The following networks show the Lakers games:

  • TNT – Turner Network Television is one of the primary networks that show NBA games
  • ABC – American Broadcasting Company offers some Lakers games during the regular season and playoffs
  • ESPN – ESPN airs NBA broadcasts multiple times a week, including several Lakers games
  • NBA TV – This network specializes in NBA games and generally has a game featuring the Lakers at least once a week

Each of these networks has an online streaming option, so if the game is not being broadcasted on your local cable or satellite provider, you can watch it through one of these apps.

Local Providers

Depending on where you live, you might have some additional local providers that show the Laker game. These can include:

  • Spectrum SportsNet – This is the main provider for Lakers games in the Los Angeles area.
  • Fox Sports West – This network is available throughout many states in the West, including California, Oregon, and Nevada.
  • TVG Network – The TVG Network is a simulcast of games and other sporting events, which sometimes includes Lakers games.

These local providers usually show Lakers games through their online streaming services. If you are unsure of what channels you can watch, you can look up local providers in your area by using your zip code.


When it comes to watching the Lakers play, you have a few different options. The games are broadcast on major networks like TNT, ABC, ESPN, and NBA TV. You may also have some local providers in your area, such as Spectrum SportsNet, Fox Sports West, and TVG Network. To find out what channel the Laker game is on, you can search for local providers in your area or use one of the online streaming services.



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