what channel is the michigan game on today

what channel is the michigan game on today

What Channel is the Michigan Game On Today?

The Michigan Wolverines are a beloved college football team, playing in the Big Ten Conference. If you are a fan, you are likely wondering “What channel is the Michigan game on today?”

Where to Find Michigan Games

The primary outlet for Michigan football is the Big Ten Network. You can watch the games on TV or stream them online. The Big Ten Network Broadcast List provides complete information about where to view or stream games.

In addition to the Big Ten Network, games may also be televised or streamed on other outlets like:

  • ESPN
  • CBS Sports Network
  • ABC
  • FOX

If you are unable to watch the games on any of the above outlets, the official Michigan Football site provides radio broadcasts of every Michigan game that you can listen to.

Michigan Game Times

Michigan Football also provides a comprehensive schedule of game dates and times for both regular season and postseason games. This can help guide you in determining which channel the Michigan game is on today and what time it is airing.


No matter how or when you watch it, the Michigan football game is sure to be an exciting event. Whether you watch on the Big Ten Network, ESPN, FOX, CBS Sports Network, ABC, or on the radio, you will be sure to enjoy the game.



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