what channel is the michigan state game on today

what channel is the michigan state game on today

What Channel Is The Michigan State Game On Today?

For those of you looking to watch Michigan State in action today, you can tune into several channels to do so. Depending on your region of the United States, you can watch the game on one of these channels:


  • For those on ABC, you can watch the game throughout the Midwest and some areas of the South and West.

ESPN Networks

  • If you have ESPN-U or ESPN, you’re in luck! The game will most certainly be aired on one of these channels, giving you the chance to watch no matter what part of the country you happen to be in.

SEC Network

  • The SEC Network is another great option for watching the Michigan State game. It’s available throughout much of the United States, so if you’re in the right region you may be able to catch the game.

Finally, you can watch the Michigan State game online through a variety of streaming services.
Such services as YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and AT&T TV NOW will all offer you the option to watch the game live on your device.

No matter what channel or platform you choose, you will be sure to be able to watch the exciting action unfold. So don’t miss out and get ready for some Michigan State football today!



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