what channel is the ohio state game on today spectrum

what channel is the ohio state game on today spectrum

What Channel is the Ohio State Game On Today on Spectrum?

If you’re a fan of Ohio State football, you may be wondering what channel the Ohio State game is on today on Spectrum. On most days, the Ohio State game can be found on the Big Ten Network (BTN), which is included in most Spectrum packages:

Spectrum Silver package

This is the basic package for Spectrum and it includes:

  • Big Ten Network (BTN) – which carries Ohio State games
  • ESPN
  • Fox Sports 1
  • CBS Sports Network

Spectrum Gold Package

This package includes all of the channels in the Silver package, plus additional sports-related networks such as:

  • SEC Network
  • HBO & Showtime
  • Pac 12 Network
  • Big Ten Network (BTN)

In addition to the Big Ten Network, Ohio State games are also available on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, and ABC. So, if you are looking for the Ohio State game today on Spectrum, your best bet is to check the Big Ten Network or one of the channels listed above for their game schedule.

If you’re not sure which channel it’s on, you can also check out Spectrum’s TV guide for more information on which channels will be airing the Ohio State game.

Good luck and go Bucks!



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