What Channel Is The Phoenix Suns Game On Tonight

what channel is the phoenix suns game on tonight


Which Channel Can You Watch Phoenix Suns Games On Tonight?

The Phoenix Suns are one of the long-standing teams in the NBA, and they are often featured in live televised games throughout the season. So, if you’re a fan of the Suns, you’re probably wondering: what channel is the Phoenix Suns game on tonight?

Foxtel/Kayo Sports

The best way to watch live Phoenix Suns games in Australia is with Foxtel or Kayo Sports. On Foxtel/Kayo Sports, you can watch all of the live games, as well as highlights and replays of previous matches. Here’s a list of channels for different nights of the week:

    • Monday: ESPN +


    • Tuesday: ESPN 2


    • Wednesday: NBA TV


    • Thursday: TNT


    • Friday: NBA TV


    • Saturday: ESPN +


    • Sunday: ESPN 2


Fox Sports Australia

Another option for watching Phoenix Suns games is on Fox Sports Australia. Fox Sports Australia has a range of channels covering different sports, including basketball. You can check out their schedule to see which channel is covering the Phoenix Suns game tonight.

No matter which channel you tune in on, you’re sure to be treated to some high-quality basketball. So, make sure you catch the Phoenix Suns game tonight and show your support for one of the NBA’s longest-lasting teams.



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