what channel is the texas tech basketball game on today

what channel is the texas tech basketball game on today

What Channel Is the Texas Tech Basketball Game On Today?

Texas Tech Basketball is one of the most popular televised sporting events in the state of Texas. With the power of their Red Raider basketball team, Texas Tech fans across the world get to watch each game with enthusiasm and anticipation of a win. But what channel can you tune in to catch the Red Raider games?

Where to Watch

  • FOX Sports Southwest
  • ESPN+, the official streaming service for Texas Tech Basketball
  • Local television channels
  • Cable/Satellite providers

The primary home of Texas Tech Basketball is FOX Sports Southwest. The network offers coverage of over 100 Red Raider basketball games a season, including conference games and select non-conference tilts. Fans can also watch the Red Raiders on ESPN+, the official streaming service for Texas Tech Basketball.

In addition to ESPN+ and FOX Sports Southwest, Texas Tech Basketball games can be seen on local television channels. Check your local listings for game times and channel information.

Finally, if you are unable to watch the game on your local channels, there are many cable and satellite providers who also offer Texas Tech Basketball for their subscribers. Visit your provider’s website or call their customer service number to learn more about packages available for viewing Texas Tech Basketball games.


If you’re a Texas Tech Basketball fan, there are several ways for you to keep up with the Red Raiders this season. Watching their games on FOX Sports Southwest, tuning in on local television channels, or streaming ESPN+ are all great options for those wanting to catch each game. No longer do you have to worry about what channel the Texas Tech Basketball game is on today!



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