what channel is the uswnt game on

what channel is the uswnt game on

What Channel is the USWNT Game On?

The US Women’s National Team is one of the most successful international teams in the world and boasts some of the best female football players in the world. With so much success, fans around the world may be wondering what channel is the USWNT Game on?

USWNT Games on Fox Sports

The majority of the USWNT home games are broadcast on Fox Sports, the official sports broadcast partner of the US Women’s National Team. Fox Sports is primarily available in the United States and may vary by region. Fans can check their local listings to see what channel they can find the USWNT game on.


The USWNT also has some away games broadcast on ESPN. ESPN is available in many countries around the world, including the United States. However, different countries may have different channels and schedules for USWNT games, so it’s important for fans to check their local listings for the exact channel and time for the USWNT game.

Other Ways to Watch

For fans unable to access Fox Sports or ESPN, there are other options to watch the USWNT or stream the games online. Fans in the United States can stream the games on FOX Sports app as well as other streaming services such as YouTube TV and SlingTV.

For international fans, the team’s official website offers a streaming service – U.S. Soccer Live – which provides streams of all USWNT and USMNT matches to fans.

The USWNT also has its own mobile app – available on both Android and iOS platforms – that provides exclusive content and the ability to watch and stream USWNT games. There is also a live radio option to listen to the games.


The USWNT is one of the most successful teams in the world and as such, has a wide range of options for fans to watch their games. Most USWNT games are broadcast on Fox Sports in the United States, while ESPN broadcasts some of the away games. For fans who can’t access Fox Sports or ESPN, there are other options, such as streaming services, the USWNT mobile app, and U.S. Soccer Live.



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