what channel is the warriors game on

what channel is the warriors game on

What Channel Is the Warriors Game On?

The Golden State Warriors are a professional basketball team playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA). As fans of the Warriors, many of us want to know what channel the games will be broadcasted on. Thankfully, there are several TV and streaming options available that allow us to watch the Warriors’ games. Below, we provide all the information you need to know in order to tune in and watch each Warriors’ game.

TV Options

The Warriors’ games are primarily broadcasted on:

  • NBC Sports Bay Area (TV provider): This channel is the flagship home for the Warriors, broadcasting most of the team’s regular season games and all their playoffs games. This channel can be found on most major cable & satellite TV providers.
  • ESPN & ABC (TV provider): These are the primary national broadcasting channels for the Warriors’ games. Many of the Warriors’ regular season and all their playoff games will be aired on these networks.
  • TNT (TV provider): This is a cable-exclusive channel that is home to some of the Warriors’ games. TNT will broadcast a limited number of the team’s regular season games and select playoff games.

Streaming Options

In addition to airing the games on TV, the Warriors’ can also be streamed on several platforms.

  • NBATV: This is the official streaming service for the NBA. It offers streaming access to all the games, including the Warriors’ games, for a monthly or annual subscription fee.
  • YouTube TV: This is a streaming service that offers access to many of the channels airing the Warriors’ games, such as ABC, ESPN, and TNT, for a monthly subscription fee.
  • Hulu: This is another streaming service that offers access to some of the channels airing Warriors’ games, such as ESPN, for a monthly subscription fee.

As future Warriors’ fans, this article has hopefully provided you with the information to successfully tune in and watch your team play. Whether it is through your TV provider or a streaming service, the Warriors’ games can be conveniently accessed from the comfort of your home.



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