what channel is the yankee game on spectrum

what channel is the yankee game on spectrum

Tune Into the Yankee Game on Spectrum

If you’re looking to watch the New York Yankees, tuning into Spectrum cable can make that happen. Here’s what you need to know about finding the Yankee game on Spectrum.

Which Channels to Use?

The channel that the Yankee game is on Spectrum varies depending on where you’re located and the cable package you have. Here are the channels you can check out to see the Yankees game:

  • YES Network: This is the primary channel to access the Yankees game. If you don’t receive YES Network, you might have to switch to a different cable package.
  • ESPN: This is the second-most likely channel to broadcast the Yankee game. Check to see if you have the ESPN in your cable package to watch the game.
  • FOX Sports: This is the third-most likely channel to broadcast the Yankee game. Although, it will depend on the region. You might need to adjust your location to watch.

Playback Options

If you’ve missed the game or looking for a replay, don’t worry! Spectrum has you covered with playback options. Here are some of the playback options you can enjoy to get caught up with the Yankee game:

  • On Demand: Through On Demand, you can access most broadcasted games with the same content you got in the live show. It should be just as exciting, minus the commercials.
  • DVR: The DVR settings can be useful if you’re unable to catch the game live. You can record it ahead of time and watch it when it’s most convenient.
  • Spectrum TV App: If you’re away from home and still want to watch the game, you can download the Spectrum App on your phone or tablet and stream it on the go.


It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the Yankee game in the middle of the night or want to relive it for the second time, Spectrum cable has got you covered with the YES Network, ESPN, and FOX sports to watch the game, and with On Demand, DVR, and the Spectrum TV App, you can enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.



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