what channel is the yankee game on today on directv

what channel is the yankee game on today on directv

What Channel is the Yankee Game on Today on DirecTV?

Are you searching for the channel to catch all the latest Yankee games? If you have DirecTV, then you’ll be able to watch the game with ease!

Where to Find the Yankees on DirecTV

If you have the [MLB Extra Innings Package](https://www.directv.com/Sport-Packages/MLB-Extra-Innings) on DirecTV, you can watch the Yankees play live on the following channels:

  • MLB Network: Channel 213
  • YES Network: Channel 631

How to Watch the Yankees on DirecTV

To watch the Yankees on DirecTV, you’ll need to either get the MLB Extra Innings package as mentioned above, or add on the [Sports Pack](https://www.directv.com/Sport-Packages/Sports-Pack) to your current service. This will give you access to the MLB Network channel, as well as several other sports networks.

Once you have the necessary packages set up, simply tune in to either channel 213 or 631 to start watching. And don’t forget to check the TV guide to make sure you catch the games you want!


Catching all the latest Yankees games on DirecTV is easy, so long as you have the right packages and know what channel to look for. With the MLB Extra Innings or Sports Pack, you can watch the games live on either MLB Network (Channel 213) or YES Network (Channel 631).

So don’t miss out on a single Yankee game this season – grab your remote and tune in!



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