what creature is barred from all quidditch games

what creature is barred from all quidditch games

No Dragons Allowed in Quidditch Games

Quidditch is a much-loved, fast-paced sport in the world of Harry Potter. However, it might come as a surprise that one type of magical creature is barred from all quidditch games: dragons.

Why Dragons Aren’t Allowed

  • Dragons are considered to be too powerful and dangerous.
  • Most dragons breathe fire, which could be very dangerous in the middle of a match.
  • It’s difficult to set standards for dragon riders, and it wouldn’t be fair for one side to have dragon riders while the other doesn’t.

Differences Between Other Animals and Dragons

Besides dragons, other animals are allowed to compete in quidditch matches. For example, Hippogriffs and Thestrals are both allowed, though they both require licenses in order to participate. The key difference is that they are not as powerful or dangerous as dragons.


While we may wish that dragons could join in on the fun of quidditch, sadly it seems that it just isn’t possible. It’s for the safety of all players and for the sake of fairness that dragons are barred from all quidditch games.



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