what does a game publisher do

what does a game publisher do

What Does a Game Publisher Do?

A game publisher is responsible for managing the release and promotion of video games. Whether it’s a small mobile game or an AAA console title, game publishers play a key role in the video game industry.

Contracting Developers

Game publishers typically connect with game development studios to help them contract and manage developers. They also make sure that the developers have the resources they need to create the game. This includes providing financing to the studio, guidance on design and marketing, and the ability to network with others in the gaming industry. Publishers also make sure that the developers are kept up to date on technology and trends so that their games appeal to the audience they’re targeting.

Marketing and Promotion

Game publishers are responsible for a game’s near-term success. This means they must coordinate a marketing and PR strategy that resonates with their target audience. This could include setting up demos and free trials, launching dedicated websites, organizing events, and launching social media campaigns. Publishers are also responsible for advertising their games and making sure that it is available on the right platforms.

Distribution and Support

Game publishers also oversee the distribution of their products. This includes finding the right digital distribution channels for PC games and creating deals with retailers for console games. They might also collaborate with other companies to ensure their games are available in certain countries around the world. Additionally, most publishers provide customer support for their games and make sure there are enough customer service staff on hand to address any customer issues.


Game publishers are a vital part of the video game industry. They are responsible for connecting developers with the resources they need, creating marketing and promotion plans, overseeing distribution andsupport, and ensuring that their games reach their intended audiences. By doing these things, they give developers the best chance of success and help bring entertainment to gaming fans around the world.



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