what does indie mean in games

what does indie mean in games

What Does It Mean When We Talk About Indie Games?

Indie games, short for independent games, are those created by individual or small groups of developers. Due to their small budgets and no-pressure development style, indie developers are able to craft games that push the boundaries in terms of creativity, artistry and mechanics.

Increased Freedom

Indie developers are not restrained by the bigger companies’ development cycles and budgets. This allows them to take creative risks that can result in unique and innovative games. These developers also have the freedom to explore topics that are not often tackled in mainstream games.

Focus On Creativity

Indie games usually have very interesting art styling and design. Even with their limited budgets, these developers focus on delivering an artistic experience that can be both visually appealing and emotionally fulfilling. Indie games also often have an emphasis on storytelling.

Different Game Mechanics

Indie developers don’t have the large resources that the bigger companies have and their budgets can’t accommodate complex graphics or physics. To make their games stand out they focus on creating unique mechanics. From puzzles to unique combat, a variety of game mechanics can be found in indie games.

In Conclusion

Indie games provide players with an experience that is often different from what is being offered by the bigger companies. Freed from large budgets, indie developers are able to explore ways to use game mechanics, art and storytelling to create something truly innovative.



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