what does npc stand for in games

what does npc stand for in games

What Does NPC Stand for in Games?

Have you ever been playing a video game, and noticed the characters around you were not like the other players? They were different, non-playable, and often following their own script. If so, you have encountered a Non-Player Character, or NPC.

What is a Non-Player Character (NPC)?

NPCs are characters created in-game by the developers to help move the story along, often serving as objects of quests, vendors, sources of information, and/or sources of assistance for your character. NPCs do not participate in the same way that other players do, as they are not controlled by a real person.

Types of NPCS in Games

NPCs come in many shapes and sizes. Here are some common ones you will find in games:

  • Merchants: NPCs who offer items for purchase in exchange for in-game currency or other resources.
  • Quest Givers: NPCs who offer missions or tasks to complete, often rewarding the player with money and/or items.
  • NPCs with Narrative Purpose: Some NPCs exist only to move the narrative along, offering narrative-relevant information and dialogue to the player.
  • Guildmasters: NPCs serving as a gateway to particular jobs, classes, or activities within the game.


In the world of gaming, NPCs are an important factor in game-play. They serve as sources of information, challenging tasks, and even entertainment. Next time you see an NPC, think about the role they serve, and the world developers created for them.



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