what game frank underwood plays

what game frank underwood plays

Frank Underwood’s Favourite Game

Frank Underwood is a fictional character from Netflix’s popular political drama “House of Cards”. In the show, Underwood is an ambitious and sophestcated political figure. He is known for his deviousness and ruthless tactics in getting what he wants. But did you know what game Underwood enjoys playing?

Spoiler Alerts!

If you’ve not watched up to Season 4, read no further as the following contains spoilers!


It turns out that Frank Underwood is an extremely talented chess player and enjoys playing the game for fun and for strategic reasons. In Season 4 of House of Cards, he can be seen playing chess with his beloved wife – Claire Underwood.

Strategic Benefits

Underwood finds chess to be a beneficial game in helping him gain strategic advantages. By analysing and understanding the implications of each move, Underwood has been able to apply these tactical principles to his real world politics. It’s his chess playing skills that have helped him get to the top of his political career.

Skills Required

Playing chess requires a great understanding of the game and being able to think several moves ahead. As a result, Frank Underwood has had to improve both his analytical and decision making skills in order to be successful.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it – Frank Underwood plays chess and loves it. He enjoys playing the game and also uses it to think strategically, helping him with his other life pursuits. So if you’re ever stuck, why not try and see if you have what it takes to be the next Frank Underwood?

Good luck!



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