what game is frank underwood playing in season 3

what game is frank underwood playing in season 3

Underwood’s Game of Chaos and Power in ‘House of Cards’ Season Three

Frank Underwood of the Netflix series House of Cards is known for his numerous devious political strategies. In the third season of the show, we saw him taking the game to a whole new level.

The players in Underwood’s game

In season three, Underwood puts together a team made up of himself and the following players:

  • Claire Underwood – Frank’s wife and partner in scheming
  • Doug Stamper – Frank’s Chief of Staff
  • Hemingway – a powerful newspaper publisher
  • The Raymond Tusk – an influential businessman
  • Heather Dunbar – Underwood’s rival for the presidency
  • Seth Grayson – Underwood’s media consultant

Underwood’s goal is to control the entire game. He uses various tactics and strategies to manipulate each of the players in order to serve his ultimate purpose.

Underwood’s Strategies in Season 3

Throughout the season, Frank uses a variety of tactics to ensure his success. First, he uses his political connections to his advantage, creating an environment of mistrust and chaos. He then plays upon the greed, insecurities, and conflicting loyalties of those around him to further his cause. Finally, he creates a web of lies that are so intricate that it’s impossible for anyone to keep track of them all.

The Outcome of Underwood’s Game

By the end of the season, Underwood’s machinations have been a success. In the end, he has successfully manipulated each of the players in order to ensure his ultimate triumph. The result is a complex web of chaos and power that guarantees Underwood his victory.

‘House of Cards’ Season 3 shows us the next level of power and manipulation of the political world. For Frank Underwood, the game is very real, and he is always one step ahead, proving that there is more than one way to win.



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