what game is herbstreit calling today

what game is herbstreit calling today

Kirk Herbstreit’s Game Calling: What To Expect Today?

Kirk Herbstreit, one of the most recognizable faces in college football broadcasting, is set to call a few games today. Fans of college football can look forward to an entertaining game day with Kirk’s analysis and insights.

Notable Matchups

A few of the most noteworthy matchups on the schedule are:

  1. Alabama vs. Georgia: This SEC heavyweight showdown is always a classic. Herbstreit will provide insight from both sides of the aisle.
  2. Clemson vs. Florida State: This ACC rivalry will be a must-watch for Herbstreit, as both teams are expected to compete for the conference title this season.
  3. Notre Dame vs. Virginia Tech: This is always one of the most-anticipated matchups of the season, as both teams have been among the top teams in the country.

Pre-Game Show

Kirk will also be hosting the pre-game show, where he will break down the matchups and offer his predictions on who will win.

He will also be joined by various analysts, who will provide their own insights into the games. They will also discuss the latest news around the college football world, and give their own thoughts on what will go down in the upcoming games.


Kirk Herbstreit’s insights are always a must-hear for any fan of college football. He has the knowledge and experience to give accurate predictions and analysis of any game. Be sure to tune in today to hear his expert analysis of college football’s biggest matchups.



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