what game of thrones house are you

what game of thrones house are you

What Game of Thrones House Are You?

For many people, the hugely popular “Game of Thrones” series has taken the world by storm. With its captivating story lines and beloved characters, the series has won over viewers, inspiring dreams of a ruling house of one’s own. But, what house would each of us belong to if we were part of the Game of Thrones?

Discover Your True House

This question can only be answered by peering deep into your soul. Each of the four major houses of Westeros—Stark, Targaryen, Lannister,and Tyrell—have distinct traits that define their house rules and proudly held values. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to find out which house you belong to:

Questions to Help Determine Your House

  • What is most important to you?
  • Do you like to take risks?
  • Do you prefer to show your power or keep it hidden?
  • Do you value tradition or modernity?
  • Do you prefer to keep your emotions in check or to let them out?
  • Would you trust someone because of their status or because of their words?
  • Would you rather stand up for yourself or stand up for others?

Based on your answers to these questions, you can better determine which house you belong to.

The Stark House

The House of Stark is known for its courage and respect for honor and tradition. They are willing to take risks for their beliefs and are loyal to their words. They take pride in their independent spirit, and their sense of justice is strong. The Starks value loyalty above all else, and they are known for their “Winter is Coming” motto.

The Targaryen House

The House of Targaryen is known for its strong ambition and desire for power. They are risk-takers, not afraid to show their strength, and they tend to put modernity above tradition. They value their emotions and family deeply, and they display their mercy often. The Targaryen’s sense of justice is based on their power.

The Lannister House

The House of Lannister is known for its cunning and shrewdness in politics and power. They strive for financial success and stability, preferring to use their wealth to show their strength. Highly status-conscious, the Lannisters are driven by their need for control and money, and they are unafraid to use coercion to achieve their goals.

The Tyrell House

The House of Tyrell is known for their strength through knowledge and the belief in progress. No matter the situation, they are driven by their need to protect the future and stand up for others who are weaker. They are driven by their hearts and minds, with a strong sense of justice, and they value loyalty and family deeply.

No matter which house you belong to, the important thing is to always stay true to your core values and beliefs. That will be your greatest weapon as you continue to navigate the Game of Thrones.



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