what games are on atari 50

what games are on atari 50

Atari 50: Iconic Games

Atari 50 was first released in 1977, and continues to have a cult following of classic gamers. This version of the Atari series may not have had the multimedia features of later versions, but it features some classic beloved games that are known and loved around the world.

List of Famous Games

  • Asteroids: One of the most successful arcade games of all time, Asteroids offers a fast, frenetic and addictive game play experience with a simple but fun, classic premise.
  • Pitfall!: This popular game was released in 1982 leads the player, as Pitfall Harry, on an adventurous journey of exploration, collecting treasures and avoiding hazardous creatures.
  • Frogger: An arcade classic, this 1981 game by Konami is known for its ability to bridge the generation gap as it’s played by people of all ages. Players must maneuver a frog across a busy street and a river full of hazards.
  • Adventure: One of the earliest action-adventure games, Adventure comes with an unforgettable premise which involves rescuing a lost chalice in a magical land. This classic is sure to keep gamers enthralled throughout their quest.
  • Breakout: This classic classic 1976 game requires the player to go through a wall of bricks by bouncing a ball against them in order to get them broken. Breakout offers fast-paced challenges, making it a perfect game experience for those looking for some quick fun.

Closing Thoughts

Atari 50 may be a dated classic, but its iconic games are beloved by gamers everywhere. In the era of gaming consoles and mobile phones, these classic titles still offer a classic yet captivating gaming experience for those looking for something different.



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