what games did ancient egyptian play

The Games of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian civilization was highly advanced and had a sophisticated culture dating back to 3,000 BCE. As a civilization with a long history, much of the culture carried over to modern day. This includes the games that were played by the Egyptians back then.


Senet, meaning “that which is passed,” was a two-player board game that is believed to be the oldest board game in the world. It was played on a grid of 30 squares, and with two sets of playing pieces. Players would attempt to move all of their pieces off the board before their opponent. They could also knock their opponents pieces off the board.

Mehen, A “Cobra” Game

The game of Mehen, also known as the “Cobra Game,” was a game played with six or seven playing pieces. The pieces were moved around a board in the shape of a coiled cobra. The game represents the struggles between chaos and order in the universe. The game was believed to be a type of meditation that brought the players closer to the gods.

Aseb, A Racing Game

Aseb, which translates to “pass over, pass beyond,” was a racing game. The game was played on a board with three, four, five, or seven rows and columns in the shape of a zigzag. Players moved their pieces around the board and the first to reach the end was the winner.

Other Games

Ancient Egyptians also played many other games and activities besides board games, such as wrestling, swimming, and running. Games of strength and agility were also popular among the ancient Egyptians.

In conclusion, ancient Egypt was a sophisticated culture that included a wide variety of games and activities. Board games such as Senet, Mehen, and Aseb, were popular among the Egyptians, as were games of strength and agility. Despite being an ancient civilization, the games of Egypt still influence games played around the world today.



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