what happened to gale in hunger games

what happened to gale in hunger games

What Happened to Gale in the Hunger Games?

Gale Hawthorne is a major character in the Hunger Games trilogy of books and films. The character was played by actor Liam Hemsworth in the movies and his story arc is one of the most interesting in the entire series. So, what happened to Gale in The Hunger Games?

Gale Becomes an Avox

When Gale joins District 13 in the movie, he is taken away by the Peacekeepers and tortured until he’s nothing more than a shell of his former self. As a result of his torture, he is branded an Avox – a mute criminal slave used by the Capitol to keep people in line. Gale must remain mute to survive and remains an Avox until the end of the movie.

Gale Becomes a Rebel Leader

Eventually, Gale is freed and become a strong-willed leader of the Rebellion, teaming up with Katniss and the other rebel leaders to overthrow the Capitol. He helps lead the Capitol’s capture and brings a sense of justice to their war against the oppressive government.

Gale Leaves Katniss

Though Gale had been in love with Katniss for much of the series, she eventually chooses Peeta as her life partner. This leads to a deep rift between the two characters, with Gale ultimately leaving out of feelings of anger and betrayal.

Gale Reunites With Katniss

Though Gale and Katniss ultimately drift apart, they reunite during the epilogue of the series. Here, it is revealed that the two have come to terms with their past and remain close friends. It is implied that the two characters may still love each other, but they are able to move on and support each other despite their past issues.

In Conclusion

Gale is a crucial character in The Hunger Games trilogy, and his story arc is a unique one. He starts off as a tortured Avox, but eventually becomes a brave leader of the Rebellion and a close friend of Katniss. Though Gale and Katniss eventually drift apart, they ultimately reunite and remain close friends during the epilogue.



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