what is a game chicken

what is a game chicken

What is a Game Chicken?

The Game Chicken is a breed of domesticated poultry known for its extreme hardiness, resilience, and muscular physique. This bird is often used for cockfighting, which usually involves two Game Chickens pitted against each other in a violent battle. Game Chickens are typically bred, trained, and conditioned for fighting by master-breeders, and those with the strongest bloodlines typically win.

Characteristics of Game Chickens

Game Chickens possess several characteristics that make them ideal for cockfighting:

  • Exceptional Strength and Stamina – Game Chickens have strong legs and powerful wings that enable them to endure long, violent battles.
  • Specialized Feathers – Game Chickens have thick and dense protective feathers that help protect them from the opponent’s pecking and clawing attacks.
  • Highly Aggressive Nature – Game Chickens have a natural propensity for aggressive behaviour and a willingness to fight even when the odds are against them.
  • Egg Laying Ability – Many people use Game Chickens primarily as a source of food, as they lay a large number of eggs each year.


Game Chickens have been around for centuries, but their popularity has risen greatly in recent years thanks to the increased availability of cockfighting venues and promoters. Countries with a strong cockfighting culture include Spain, the Philippines, Mexico, and parts of South America, and these countries host a variety of Game Chicken competitions each year.

Despite their popularity, Game Chickens are also an animal of controversy. Animal rights organizations claim that cockfighting is cruel and unnecessary and should be outlawed. The legal status of cockfighting varies from country to country, and in some countries, it is considered a crime.



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