what is an indie game

what is an indie game

What is an Indie Game?

An Indie Game is a type of video game usually created and developed by a one or small team, either independently or with a smaller budget than AAA titles. Indie games can range from simple 2D platformers to complex 3D story-driven experiences.

Where Do They Come From?

Indie games are typically created by independent developers who are passionate about game design and storytelling. The games they produce are often edgier, taking risks with content, themes and gameplay styles that are often overlooked in major titles.


Indie games come with several advantages over traditional big-budget games:

  1. Creative Freedom: Indie developers have much more freedom to create new and innovative ideas, without having the same pressures that come with major titles.
  2. Affordable: Indie games are often very affordable compared to AAA titles, allowing players to experience something new without breaking their wallet.
  3. Quality: While some may not be up to AAA standards, many indie games are of excellent quality and can provide a unique and memorable experience.


Indie games are a great way to experience something that would otherwise be overlooked in the video game industry. With the freedom to take risks and create innovative experiences, indie developers are pushing the boundaries of what a video game can be. So if you’re looking for something new, an indie game might be just what you’re looking for.



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