what is blue whale game

what is blue whale game

What is the Blue Whale Game?

The Blue Whale game is a dangerous online challenge that encourages participants, usually young people and adolescents, to complete daily tasks for a period of 50 days. It is believed that the people behind the game persistently monitor their victims and will threaten to harm them and their family members if the participant refuses to complete their tasks.

How Did the Blue Whale Game Start?

The Blue Whale game started on Russian social network sites in 2016 and quickly spread throughout the world. Initially, participants were encouraged to use the hashtag #bluewhalesuicidegame, which showcased pictures of challenges and tasks. While the game initially seemed like a silly trend, it quickly escalated to a dangerous challenge as participants were encourage to harm themselves and eventually end their life.

The Dangers of the Blue Whale Game

The motivation behind the game is to create a bond between the administrator and the participants, who become increasingly vulnerable. The tasks typically begin as seemingly harmless challenges, such as watching horror movies or cutting shapes into their skin. As the game progresses, participants become more conditioned to listening to the administrator and will start feeling as though it’s their only option.

Some of the most dangerous and disturbing tasks assigned by the Blue Whale game may include:

  • Self-mutilation: Participants may be asked to use a razor blade to carve symbols and shapes into their skin.
  • Sleep deprivation: Participants are instructed to stay up all night and are pressured to continue if they attempt to stop playing.
  • Depressive behavior: Participants might be told to isolate themselves from their friends and family and could be charged with dangerous activities such as jumping from a rooftop or bridge.
  • Suicide: The last task is for the participant to commit suicide and post a picture of their lifeless body.

What to Do if You Suspect Someone is Playing the Blue Whale Game

If you suspect someone is playing the Blue Whale Game, it’s important to reach out to them and inform them about its dangers. You should also consult with a mental health professional or an adult that can help the individual get out of this dangerous situation. It’s also important to contact the police if you suspect someone is playing the Blue Whale Game. The goal is to get them the help they need, before it’s too late.



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