what is lore in games

what is lore in games

What is Lore in Games?

Lore can be defined as a collection of stories, which includes all the characters, places, events, and other details associated with a creative world. In gaming, it is a player’s knowledge or understanding of the game world’s mythology, mechanics, and history, most of which is provided in the game itself. Lore can deepen the immersion and connection with the game and also help create a sense of realism in the gaming world.

How is Lore Used in Video Games?

Lore plays a huge role in video game storytelling and worldbuilding, allowing developers to craft a meaningful game world that feels alive and rich in history. It can give the player an extra layer of knowledge to really feel a part of the game and its characters. Lore can also help inform the game’s rules and give the player a clearer idea of what it takes to be successful. Here are some examples of how lore is used in video games:

  • Narrative: Lore is often used to inform the game’s plot and tell the story of the world and its characters. It is used to explain why certain things are happening and why things have turned out the way they have.
  • Gameplay: Lore can also be used to set the rules for the game and help the player understand how things work. It can explain the mechanics of the game world and give the player a better idea of how to progress.
  • Atmosphere: Lore can also be used to set the tone and atmosphere of the game. By describing the world and its inhabitants, the developer can create an immersive atmosphere that the players can feel a part of.

Where Can You Find Lore?

In most games, the lore is provided within the game itself. Developers will often include background information on NPCs, side quests, and environmental details that are meant to deepen the player’s understanding of the game’s world. Additionally, many games also release supplemental materials in the form of books, comics, or in-game events that can help players learn more about the game they love.

Lore is essential to video game storytelling and gives players an opportunity to really feel connected to their favorite games and the worlds they inhabit. It helps to create an immersive experience and a sense of realism in the game’s world.



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