what is the 7th fnaf game

What is the 7th FNAF Game?

The 7th FNAF game, officially named FNAF: Security Breach, is the latest installment to the widely popular Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) horror video game series. Developed by Studio Bronze Wolf, this latest installment offers an updated graphics, storyline and mechanics for fans of the franchise.

FNAF: Security Breach Story

The plot of FNAF: Security Breach follows the story of the previous games where you take on the role of the night shift security guard at a titular “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria.” You must defend yourself from the animatronic mascots as they attempt to kill you. In this installment, players must face a security breach that has released the classic mascots of Freddy Fazbear and friends in a chaotic battle.

FNAF: Security Breach Gameplay

The gameplay of FNAF: Security Breach is similar to the classic series with several new updates. Players must use a combination of skills and resources to keep the animatronics from getting in the office and reaching the door. The player will have to be careful and watch their surroundings as there will be hidden animatronics, some with special abilities that can surprise the players. The player must also use security cameras to monitor the pizzeria and search for clues on the whereabouts of the animatronics.

FNAF: Security Breach Features

FNAF: Security Breach offers an exciting and unique experience with a list of features that set it apart from the other games in the series. These include:

  • Enhanced graphics and animations
  • Timer-based gameplay
  • New challenges, enemies and levels
  • Ability to customize the weapons and armor
  • Global leaderboard to view how you’re doing compared to other players
  • Online and Local Co-op mode

The developers have also promised more content updates, which should make the game even more enjoyable.


FNAF: Security Breach is the latest installment to the iconic FNAF horror game series, and it offers an updated story, graphics, enemies, gameplay and customizations. Bring the excitement of the classic series to your fingertips with FNAF: Security Breach.



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