what is the game cricket

what is the game cricket

What is the Game of Cricket?

Cricket is a popular sport played around the world, especially in England, India and Australia. It is a team sport usually played between two teams of eleven players each. The game is played with a bat, a ball and two wickets, a set of three wooden stumps.

How to Play Cricket?

Cricket is a fairly simple game, but requires a certain set of skills in order to become an expert. Here is a basic overview on how to play:

  • Batting: Each side takes turns to bat, with two batsmen standing at opposite ends of the pitch. The aim of batting is to score as many runs as possible by hitting the ball and running between the wickets. If a batsman hits the ball in a way that could have been caught by an opposition player, he is out and the team has to send in a new batsman.
  • Bowling: When it is their turn to bowl, each team sends a bowler who attempts to hit the wicket with the ball in order to get the batsman out. The bowler also tries to prevent the batsman from making runs by trying to keep the ball away from the bat.
  • Fielding: Fielders are players on the team whose job is to catch the ball when it is hit by the batsman, or to stop the ball from reaching the boundary. They can also attempt to get the batsman out by throwing the ball at the wicket, or by running the batsman out if he is not paying attention.


In Cricket, the team with the most runs at the end of a game is the winner. Teams earn runs by hitting the ball and running from one wicket to the other. Runs are also scored by hitting boundaries, which are areas of the field that are marked with a rope. If a batsman is dismissed, no runs are earned.

Cricket is a great game with many team and individual skills. It is also a game filled with strategies and strategies that bring out the best in the players. Whether you’re playing a full game, or a quick match on the beach, cricket is sure to bring you lots of fun times.



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