what is the hardest pokemon game

what is the hardest pokemon game

What is the Hardest Pokemon Game?

Pokemon games are notoriously more difficult as the series progresses, and with games like Sword and Shield generating a lot of buzz, gamers everywhere are asking the same question – which game is the hardest? Read on to find out!

Pokemon Yellow

The original Pokemon game, Pokemon Yellow, is considered by many to be the hardest Pokemon game to date. It was the first game to feature battle mechanics and an in-game economy, making it a challenging and exciting game. The game also has a number of difficult antagonists and bosses that must be defeated in order to progress, making Pokemon Yellow an incredibly challenging game.

Pokemon Silver & Gold

Arguably the most difficult main series of Pokemon games, Pokemon Silver and Gold are renowned for their difficulty. They are the first games to feature 8-bit graphics, which contributes to their difficulty. The games also feature a number of difficult battles, such as Team Rocket’s hideout and the Elite Four, which adds to their challenge. Furthermore, the game’s semi-open world design with multiple side quests and optional content require players to spend a significant amount of time in order to complete the game.

Pokemon Platinum

The third game in the Diamond and Pearl series, Pokemon Platinum is known for being one of the most difficult Pokemon games. The game features more levels and enemies than previous games, as well as a significantly more difficult protagonist in the form of Cynthia’s nephew. Additionally, the game has a number of challenging optional content, such as the Battle Tower and the Battle Frontier, making it a demanding game.

Notable Mentions

While Pokemon Yellow, Silver & Gold and Platinum are the games most frequently cited as the hardest, there are a few others that deserve mention.

  • Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver: Though the game is considered to be easier than its predecessor due to the improved graphics & mechanics, it still has a lengthy story mode that is quite difficult.
  • Pokemon X & Y: The most recent generation of Pokemon games, X & Y, has a number of difficult enemies and bosses, making it a challenging game for veteran players.
  • Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: The sequel to Sun & Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon are considered to be some of the most difficult Pokemon games ever made. They feature a number of difficult enemies and bosses, as well as a challenging post-game.


Whoever your favorite Pokemon game might be, there is no denying the challenge these games present. From the original Pokemon Yellow to the recently released Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, these games are some of the most difficult games ever created. Whether you’re looking for a challenge or just a fun adventure, these games are sure to keep you coming back for more.



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