what is the hob in the hunger games

what is the hob in the hunger games

What is the Hob in The Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games, the beloved franchise that spawned four novels, three movies, and two prequels, both has a dark and mysterious setting and contains some incredibly unique costumes, weapons and items. One of these is something known as the “Hob” – an underground black market that supplies everything from illegal goods to medicine.

What does the Hob contain?

The Hob is a secret bazaar that caters to the citizens of District 12. It has a selection of goods and services, ranging from food and clothes to weapons and medicine. It is believed that the Hob has existed since the first Hunger Games and is run by a mysterious figure known as the “Hob Developer”.

The Hob’s illegal items include:

  • Weapons – Guns, knives, and other weapons are available in the Hob.
  • Medicine – The Hob carries medical supplies and illegal drugs.
  • Clothing – Stolen and smuggled clothing items from abroad can be found in the Hob.
  • Food – Food items stolen from rich Districts and smuggled into the Hob.

Who Runs the Hob?

The Hob is ran by the Hob Developer, a mysterious individual who is rarely seen but is known to send their associates to scout out the goods to buy and sell. It is said that the Hob Developer is sympathetic to those living in the poorer Districts and only want to ensure they receive the items they need to survive.


The Hob is an important element of the world of The Hunger Games and serves as an important hub of a vast underground black market. It is mysterious, providing illegal goods and services to those in need and run by an equally mysterious figure known as the Hob Developer.



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