what is the kahoot game pin

what is the kahoot game pin

What Is A Kahoot Game Pin?

Kahoot is an online learning platform used by teachers, students, and business professionals. It is designed to facilitate fun and interactive learning experiences, via a combination of virtual whiteboards and in-game quizzes.

How It Works

Kahoot works by creating a series of multiple-choice quiz questions. Participants join the quiz by entering a ‘game pin.’ This unique code, provided by the Kahoot team, is used to connect the user’s device to the game instance. Each question is then answered, in an attempt to earn points. Once each round has been completed, the user can view their overall result.

Why Use a Game Pin?

Using a game pin makes it easier for players to find and join the game, without having to search for it. It also ensures that only those with the correct pin can join the game, protecting it from fraudulent players. Finally, it allows the quiz host or teacher to track the results of all the players in real-time.

How To Generate A Kahoot Game Pin

Generating a game pin is easy. All you have to do is open the Kahoot app, select a quiz, and click the ‘Create Game’ button. From there, the app will generate a unique game pin, and display it on the screen. You can then share this with your students or colleagues, and they can use it to join the quiz.

You can also generate multiple game pins, and use them to join several quiz sessions at the same time. This is useful for those participating in multiple conferences or classes.


A Kahoot game pin is a unique code used to join an online quiz. It makes it easier for participants to join the game, and it also provides extra security. To generate the game pin, all you have to do is open the Kahoot app and click the ‘Create Game’ button.



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