what is the longest game in the world

what is the longest game in the world

What is the Longest Game in the World?

The world of video games is filled with exciting and competitive titles that push players to test their skills and abilities. But which one holds the title for the longest game ever?

The Answer Might Surprise You

The longest video game in the world is Folded Words. Developed by Softimus Prime, the title is an exploration puzzle adventure game that can take up to 500 gameplay hours to complete. That’s more than 20 days of non-stop gaming!

A Unique Title

Folded Words is an indie game published for Windows and Mac users in 2004. It has no character avatars, action sequences or enemies – instead, it focuses on exploration and problem solving.

In the game, players must solve puzzles to unravel the story and explore a bizarre world. It features some challenging time-limited puzzles and more than 200 levels of varying difficulty, as well as three different endings.

Why is it the Longest?

At an estimated 500 hours to complete, Folded Words is the longest video game in the world. What makes it unique is that each puzzle can be solved in multiple ways, meaning there is always something new to discover no matter how many times you play.

Additionally, the game is full of hidden secrets and puzzles, making it a great challenge for veteran gamers who are looking for something more than just action-packed combat.


For anyone looking to test their problem solving and exploration skills, Folded World could be the perfect game. The title is full of brain-teasing puzzles and mind-boggling mazes, and requires an estimated 500 hours to complete – making it the longest game in the world.



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