what is the longest running game show on television

what is the longest running game show on television

The Longest-Running Game Show on Television

Game shows have been entertaining audiences since they first appeared on TV in the 1930s, and most of us have grown up watching classics like Jeopardy! and The Price is Right. But did you know that one game show has been running on television for longer than any other?

What is the Longest-Running Game Show?

The longest-running game show on television is The Newlywed Game, which first aired on July 11, 1966 and is currently produced by Fremantle for ABC. The original host of the show was Bob Eubanks and the show continues on today with Sherri Shepherd as its newest host.

How Does The Newlywed Game Work?

The Newlywed Game is a show in which three couples compete against one another for a straightforward prize. The couples are asked a series of questions about each other, and the couple that can guess the most correct answers to the questions wins the game.

One classic format of the Newlywed Game involves the host asking a question to one partner and then giving the other partner four possible answers. The partner must then choose which answer he or she believes is the correct response that their partner gave to the original question.

What Other Notable Facts Surround The Newlywed Game?

The Newlywed Game is noteworthy for a few other reasons. For instance, it is credited with popularizing the term “making whoopee” as well as the question “What type of animal would your spouse be?” It was also an important part of the 1977 television special The Best of the Newlywed Game, which featured John Ritter in his first-ever role.

Finally, the show is also a classic example of the “gameshow wars” phenomenon, when networks tried to create as many successful game shows as possible in the 1960s and 70s.


The Newlywed Game remains one of the longest-running game shows on television and an integral part of the history of this beloved genre. It’s simple premise and classic style has kept audiences hooked for over five decades and continues to draw in thousands of viewers each week.



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