what is the most points scored in a nfl game

what is the most points scored in a nfl game

The Record for Most Points Scored in a NFL Game

The National Football League (NFL) has seen its fair share of highscoring games throughout its storied history. But, none of them compare to the highest-scoring game of all time. On November 2010, the New York Giants and Washington Redskins combined for a whopping final score of, drum roll please, 72 points .

The Highest Scoring NFL Games of All Time

Given the extreme nature of this rivalry game, it’s no surprise that it holds the record for most points ever scored in a NFL game. But that’s not to say there aren’t games that come close. Here are the 6 highest scoring NFL Games of all time:

  • 1. New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins (November 2010): 72 points scored
  • 2. Cleveland Browns vs. Detroit Lions (October 1954): 70 points scored
  • 3. San Francisco 49ers vs. Philadelphia Eagles (October 1949): 69 points scored
  • 4. New Orleans Saints vs. Los Angeles Rams (November 2016): 68 points scored
  • 5. Detroit Lions vs. Oakland Raiders (September 2008): 67 points scored
  • 6. Denver Broncos vs. New Orleans Saints (November 2020): 66 points scored

How Did This Record-Breaking Game Go Down?

The Giants and Redskins combined for seven touchdowns and five field goal attempts in this nail-biter of a game. The Giants ultimately won 37-35, thanks to a late drive orchestrated by quarterback Eli Manning. Interestingly enough, the Redskins also had their moments as well, mounting a remarkable 21-point come-from behind effort in the fourth quarter. But, in the end, it was Manning and the Giants who emerged victorious.

At the end of the day, this game stands as a legendary reminder of the drama and excitement that the NFL can bring.



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