what is the oldest game in the world

what is the oldest game in the world

What is the Oldest Game in The World?

Many people don’t know what the oldest game in the world is. Games have been a part of human life for thousands of years and have been passed down through cultures and time. The oldest game in the world is believed to be a form of Senet, an ancient Egyptian board game.

Origin of the Game

The origins of the game Senet, meaning ‘game of passing’, can be traced back to ancient Egypt of the Predynastic period around 3500 BC. This board game was highly religious in nature, and those finding success in the game were thought to be receiving protection and guidance from Egyptian gods.

Components of the Game

Senet is played on a board that consists of 30 squares and two players. Each player has five pieces which move around the board by a roll of sticks, throws sticks or by throwing a die. Each player attempts to move all of their pieces from the start square to the end square and the first player to do so wins the game.

Playing Style

The playing style of Senet is very similar to chess and checkers. There are a variety of strategies that players can employ to increase their chances of winning the game. In addition, the game can be enjoyed by players of all ages.


The popularity of Senet has transcended time and culture and is still played today. The game is a reminder of ancient civilizations and a testament to the vitality and resilience of the human spirit.

Senet is one of the oldest games in the world and is sure to be enjoyed by people for centuries to come.



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