what is the oldest game

what is the oldest game

The Oldest Game in History: Senet

Parcheesi isn’t the oldest game ever made! Senet is the oldest known board game on the planet and its origins go back over 5,000 years ago. This game was found in beautifully crafted tombs belonging to Ancient Egyptians a few thousand years ago.

What is Senet?

Senet is an ancient two-player game that was incredibly popular among Ancient Egyptians. The game board is two-tiered with a 3×10 grid made of 30 squares and each player has 15 pieces that they must move around the board.

How is the Game Played?

Player pieces can only move forward and are only able to move one at a time. If a player’s piece lands on another piece, the piece that was landed on must be sent back to the starting square. The objective of the game is to move each of your pieces through the board and arrive at the last square before your opponent.

Symbolic Meaning of Senet

Senet is believed to have been symbolic for Ancient Egyptians. By playing the game, it was thought that players were negotiating a journey from life to death. Players used to appeal to divine forces by placing offerings near the board and it was believed that if you played the game correctly, these divine forces would help you to win.

Where to Find a Senet Board

It’s possible to purchase a wooden Senet board if you’re looking to experience a game of Senet today. This unique game can be found in museums and among game enthusiasts, allowing people to connect with the past and explore a piece of history.

So if you’re a fan of history and board games, why not try your hand at playing Senet? You’ll be partaking in something that dates back thousands of years and is still enjoyed today!

Senet – A Timeless Game

  • Objective: Move each of your pieces through the board and arrive at the last square before your opponent.
  • Symbolic Meaning: Negotiating the journey from life to death.
  • Where to find a Senet Board: Museums and among game enthusiasts.



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