what is the score of the arkansas game

what is the score of the arkansas game

Arkansas Game Score

The Arkansas Razorbacks are a division one college football team playing in the Southeastern Conference. Everyone is always looking for the latest Arkansas game score, and we are here to bring you the answers!

2020 Season

The 2020 season had its highs and lows, but overall it was a solid one for the Razorbacks. Here’s a look at how they performed:

  • Record: Overall, the team finished 3-7 and 2-6 in the SEC.
  • Significant Games: Arkansas managed to beat Auburn and Mississippi State and lost to LSU, Ole Miss, and Missouri.

2021 Season

The Razorbacks are looking forward to a better 2021 season. They currently have a record of 2-4 and are 2-3 in the SEC. Here’s a look at their most recent games:

  • Mississippi State: Arkansas won 24-14.
  • Auburn: The Razorbacks lost 35-28.
  • LSU: Arkansas lost 27-24.
  • Texas A&M: The Razorbacks lost 50-48.
  • Ole Miss: Arkansas won 33-21.

Overall, the Razorbacks have had an up-and-down season, but they still have plenty of time to turn it around. It should be an exciting end to the 2021 season for Arkansas fans, and we can’t wait to see what the team can do.



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