what is the score of the red sox game today

what is the score of the red sox game today

Red Sox Score Today

It is always exciting to follow the Boston Red Sox in the Major League Baseball as they battle for the title. Every fan of the team would want to know the score of today’s Red Sox game.

Latest Red Sox Score Update

The Red Sox are currently playing a game versus the Baltimore Orioles and they are looking to add another win to their record. Here is what you need to know about their latest score:

  • Boston Red Sox: 4
  • Baltimore Orioles: 2

This win puts the Boston Red Sox at an impressive record of 36-20 and gives them the lead in the American League East. It also marks the sixth win in a row for Boston, as they continue to dominate in the season.

Fan Reaction

Sox fans all over the world are elated about their team’s success. Many fans were able to watch the game on ESPN or stream the game on MLB.tv. After seeing their team win, many Red Sox fans are ready to see what comes next for the team.


The Boston Red Sox are off to a great start this season and today’s game added to their impressive record. With a strong starting line-up and a solid team chemistry, the Red Sox could go all the way this year and become World Series Champions. So be sure to follow their progress and get the latest score updates. Go Sox!



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