what is the score on the jets game

what is the score on the jets game

What is the Score on the Jets Game?

The New York Jets are a professional American football team competing in the NFL. They are currently playing a game against the New England Patriots, and fans all over the world are keen to know what the score is.

Latest Score

The most recent score of the Jets game is:

  • New York Jets: 10
  • New England Patriots: 19

The Patriots are currently leading the game, with the Jets being behind.

Full Game Breakdown

In the first quarter, the Jets opened the scoring with a field goal, making the score 3-0.

The second quarter was the Patriots turn to score, as the team got two touchdowns, and two successful two-point conversions, to make the score 16-3 just before halftime.

To start the third quarter, the Jets scored their first touchdown of the game, reducing the Patriots lead to 16-10. However, the Patriots responded with a field goal to make the score 19-10 in their favour.

The Jets have had possession of the ball several times in the fourth quarter, but have yet to score. Therefore, the most recent score is 19-10 to the Patriots.

Where to Follow the Score?

If you’re hoping to stay up to date with the score of the Jets game, you can check out these websites to stay in the loop:

  • NFL.com
  • ESPN.com
  • CBSSports.com
  • FOXSports.com

Alternatively, you can view the game live on NFL Network or CBS.

As the game progresses and the score changes, make sure you visit one of the above sources to stay up to date!



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