what network is the michigan game on

what network is the michigan game on

What Network Is The Michigan Game On?

Michigan Football is a huge part of student culture and fans from around the world. Every fan is always eager to know which network broadcasts the university’s games. This article will provide details on which network you should tune in to watch Michigan’s games.

Where To Watch The Games?

Fans can catch the Michigan games on the following networks:

  • FOX Sports: This is the leading broadcaster of Michigan Football. The network broadcasts Big 10 games and bowl games as well as other regional games.
  • ESPN: ESPN also broadcasts a number of Michigan games. It is the home for college football and broadcast the majority of major conference games.
  • ABC Sports: ABC Sports is the home for some of the biggest college football games. It is the official broadcaster for the Big 10 conference.

Online Streaming Options

In addition to the traditional television networks, fans can also watch the games online.

  • FOX Sports Go: This is FOX’s streaming app that allows viewers to watch live or on-demand games.
  • ESPN3: ESPN’s streaming app also offers live and on-demand games.
  • ABC Sports Live: ABC’s streaming service is available on the web, or via apps on iOS, Android, and other platforms.


The Michigan games can be seen on multiple networks depending on the season and conference. ESPN, FOX Sports and ABC Sports are the main destination for Michigan fans. Fans can also stream the games live or on-demand using the network apps.



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