what time does super bowl game start today

what time does super bowl game start today

What Time Does Super Bowl Game Start Today?

The much-anticipated annual Super Bowl game is here at last! Scheduled today, February 7th, the game will be taking place in Tampa, Florida and will begin at 6:30pm EST.

The Super Bowl, which will be aired on CBS, will feature the teams of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs. This is the first time the Buccaneers are playing in a Super Bowl since 2003.

Pre-Game Show Coverage

If you’re looking to get hyped up for the big game today, CBS will begin its pre-game coverage at 2:00 pm EST. The show will feature a plethora of host interviews, feature stories, and a star-studded special that will be sure to build anticipation for the game.

Activities for Fans

In addition to pre-game coverage, fans everywhere can participate in various activities to get ready for the big event, including:

  • Cooking Parties:Get together with friends and family and prepare your favorite Super Bowl treats!
  • Game Lounges:Make the day one to remember by decorating your living space in your favorite team’s colors and pulling out the big-screen television.
  • Game Challenges:Test your skills by playing Super Bowl trivia and seeing who can guess the game’s MVP.

So all you football fans out there, the time has come to pull out the chips, pop open the soda and get ready for the highly-anticipated, star-studded Super Bowl game. It all begins at 6:30 pm EST on CBS.

Happy watching!



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