what time does the cowboys game start

what time does the cowboys game start

What Time Does the Cowboys Game Start?

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most iconic teams in NFL history and their games are always a spectacle to watch. But with all the excitement, one question remains: what time does the Cowboys game start?

When Games Start

In general, Dallas Cowboys home games start at 3:25 PM CT, while away games usually begin a bit later, typically at 12:00 PM CT.

When the Playoffs Begin

When the Cowboys make the playoffs, start times will be similar to what is listed above. However, times may be changed for special events or on national television. Be sure to check for announcements if the Dallas Cowboys are in the playoffs.

Always Check

When it comes to finding out what time the Cowboys game starts, you should always double-check the schedule. Times can change if games fall on certain holidays or if they’re played in other countries, so it’s best to follow the team and check their website regularly.

Ways to Watch

Once you’ve figured out what time the Cowboys game starts, you can stream the game directly from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can also watch the game on your local cable network or satellite channel if the Cowboys are playing nationally.

Be Prepared

No matter how you watch, it’s important to get ready for the game in advance. Be sure to:

  • Gather Friends: Invite friends and family to join you for the game. There’s nothing like a bunch of Cowboy fans in one room!
  • Stock up on Snacks: Have a snack ready to go for those nerve-wracking plays and to celebrate a Cowboys touchdown.
  • Prep Your Tech: Make sure you have a good internet connection and enough battery to watch the whole game without interruption.

So now you know that when the Cowboys are playing, you need to be ready to cheer them on starting at 3:25 PM CT (or 12:00 PM for away games). Tune in and get ready for the excitement of America’s Team!



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