what time does the dolphins game start

what time does the dolphins game start

What Time Does The Dolphins Game Start?

The Miami Dolphins have a long-standing tradition of being one of the premier teams in the NFL, and their loyal fans certainly await each game with anticipation. Making sure that you get to the stadium in time for kick-off is essential for any true fan, and understanding what time the Dolphins game starts can ensure you don’t miss a minute of the action!

Start Times

Most Dolphins games start at either 1:00pm or 4:25pm Eastern on Sundays. Occasionally the Dolphins will have a Thursday or Monday night game, or even a Saturday or Sunday prime-time game, in which case the start times may differ. It is always best to check the latest schedule on the Dolphins website to ensure that you are aware of the correct start time for the game.

Kick-off Preparation

Knowing the start time for the game is the first step, but it’s also important to make sure that you are fully prepared for the game. Here are a few ideas for pre-game activities:

  • Eat a Tail-gate Breakfast: Start your morning off with a hearty breakfast to help prepare for game-day. Try deep-fried turkey legs, pancakes, or biscuits-and-gravy!
  • Get Hyped with Stadium Jams: Get yourself in the right frame of mind by playing some pump-up music! Select some of the Dolphins’ greatest hits, and turn your living room or backyard into a party.
  • Gather Supplies: You’ll want to make sure that you have all the necessary items for the game. Gather your face-paint, pom-poms, food, and drinks, and you’ll be ready for a great time at the stadium.


Knowing what time the Dolphins game starts is essential for any fan. Make sure to check ahead of time to ensure that you’re not missing a minute of the action! With the right preparations and a little dedication, cheering on the Miami Dolphins will truly be an experience you won’t soon forget. Go Dolphins!



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