what time is 49ers game

what time is 49ers game

What time is the 49ers Game?

The 49ers are a professional American football team located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fans of the team have been eagerly awaiting their game against the Arizona Cardinals, so here’s a quick rundown of when and where to watch it.

When Is The Game?

The game is scheduled for Sunday, October 31 at 4:25 pm Pacific Standard Time. That’s 7:25 pm ET. It will be broadcast live on FOX.

Where Can I Watch?

There are several ways you can watch the game:

  • At Home: You can watch the game on your TV if you have a paid cable subscription that includes FOX.
  • At a Bar: Many sports bars will be showing the game. Call around to find a good spot in your area.
  • Online: You can also watch the game online using platforms such as NFL Sunday Ticket, NFL Game Pass, or Yahoo Sports.


The highly anticipated game between the 49ers and the Cardinals will take place on Sunday, October 31 at 4:25 pm PT. You can watch the game online, at home on a paid cable subscription, or at a sports bar in your area. So rally up your fellow Niners fans and enjoy the game!



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